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Trading cryptocurrency 24/7

At gunbot.rocks, we leverage the best algorithmic trading software to capitalize on profit generating trades 24 hours a day.

Gunbot Differentiators

What makes Gunbot unique?


Gunbot is unique because it is profitable. The product is proven, and is the primary tool for countless crypto traders within the community.

Community Value

The depth of experience is vast and willingness to help is strong within the community. Gunthar responds personally to issues, and fixes things that creep up. This is the service you are buying.

Globally Localized

Local communities exist within the global community to respond to immediate needs. The overall community is omnipresent - all time zones are represented and someone is always on to help with issues that arise.

Innovative Strategies

The community develops custom strategies, as well as variations on traditional approaches including moto, grid, fib, pullback, tssl, double up, and reversal trading.


The configurability options are endless, enabling differentiation from your peers. The community is more than your competition because you can build your own approach to take profit at points that work for your trading strategy.


Gunbot has a mechanism to not only adjust how you trade, but how the program itself acts, providing exponential opportunities to make your bot work uniquely for you.


The ultimate goal in setting up a trading bot is to remove the human/emotional component of trading. There are entire strategies built, including the Emotionless family of stratgies that achieve this goal.

Tested and Proven

Every strategy is designed, tested and proven with the profitability of the community in mind, with real people, real money, and verifiable backtesting methods.

Beginner to Guru Friendly

Gunbot has a strategy for every type of trader, from the beginner with set and forget strategies to entirely custom modules that are driven by social media sentiment. You determine your level of advancement and grow your bot to your liking and technical skillset.

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